Saturday, June 15, 2013

Operation Write Home Card Drive with Uncle Sam

It's time for a Show Me Thursday post for the Sassy Cheryl's Blog. I'm even early enough that you have time to get in two entries within the next two weeks.

My job since retirement is making cards for Operation Write Home. In late May, knowing that MM(MonkeyMoo my grandson) was coming for the month of June, I decided to do an Operation Write Home Card Drive at Walmart. It took 3 weeks to find the right person to talk to to get approval. You KNOW me, the dog with the bone. I wasn't giving up until they said yes. In those 3 weeks and with some help from friends, I got 176 Any Hero cards made.

MM loves to dress up and has costumes for most occasions. I called his Mom before he and his Dad left coming for their visit and told her to pack his Uncle Sam Costume.

Two days this week the temps were still 95 at 5 p.m., so you can imagine my worries about weather conditions for the card drive. Fortunately God took me into consideration, and the temp only got up to 85 by the time we left and with the shade of the umbrella and a great breeze I made out fine. Uncle Sam, aka MM, was in nylon with a t-shirt, long coat, beard and felt hat in the sun. He is truly a trooper, as he didn't complain the first time. He was also a great salesman on getting folks to come and sign.

We were told we weren't supposed to harass anyone, but is it harassing if you're not selling anything? We just kept saying it's free, just takes a moment of your time. MM was great at it.

We have 70 Any Hero cards ready to mail. I'll be doing my usual sign for your supper card drive at our annual Around about the  4th Shrimp Boil on July 6th and hopefully the 100 more Any Hero cards I have made will get a thank you note written in them.

Thanks for stopping by. Now I think I'm going to stay in and stay cool this afternoon. 


  1. wow you guys did awesome and MM looks just fabulous. He looks so grown up now!!
    huge hugs Lou and Mo sends some hugs for MM

  2. Very impressive. Job well done!

  3. Your MM makes a great Uncle Sam. Thanks to you and your MM for your great work.

  4. What an awesome post. Thanks to the both you and MM for such great work! :)

  5. wow that is so great...MM you are a trooper!! :)

  6. Awesome! Thanks for supporting our troops!

  7. Hey...I am so proud of you and MM...what a marvelous job you have done!

  8. Absolutely fantastic idea! Every card makers should plan to do this for July 4.

  9. Where did you get your awesome signs?

    1. I made them. I bought a shade at Fred's for the base of the banner, and cut all the letters out with my Cameo. THe poster sign Operation Write Home words were cut with my Cameo, and the poster is from the OWH site. I'm going to do it out of vinyl next, but didn't have a enough of the right colors. Thank you.

  10. I came here from the OWH FB page. Your idea is FABULOUS! You and MM rock. :) It's so wonderful how many cards you got written for our heroes. Thanks for sharing. <3

  11. I think it's just FABULOUS that you all did this Shirley! I hope you get the rest of them signed at the Shrimp boil. I'm guessing you will. I tell ya what though. . . .with the hot days that we've had this past week I really do admire MM for wearing the get up. He looks adorable and he wouldn't have to convince me to sign. . . .I'd come over just to give him a hug. LOVE IT!
    Thanks for joining us in the Sassy Cheryl's Show Me Thursday fun!!