Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Show Me Thursday #8

Well it's almost time for Show Me Thursday #9, clean mine up too. Every week Sassy Cheryl offers us a chance at a free Sassy Cheryl image and all you have to do is enter a picture of your workspace on Sassy Cheryls Blog. Of course, since that picture was made I've made two sets of OWH cards, and it's quite a bit messier. Oh well I work best that way.

I want you to all notice that I have cleaned off the back half of the table, so that my neighbor actually has a space to work when she's finally feeling like getting back to scrapbooking. I forgot to take a picture of my new wide format printer. You'll just have to come back next week to get a glimpse. I guess I didn't do much to satisfy you nosy parkers since there doesn't appear to be a lot going on.


  1. I wish my workspace was that clean!

  2. I like your space...what type of copic organization do you have there, I like it better then mine?
    I will be blogging back...Tootsie

  3. So clean and neat and it looks as if you have some great images there to color.
    Sorry for the late comment. I pulled it up lastnight and then got sidetracked.
    Thanks for sharing your space!