Friday, January 21, 2011

Show Me Thursday #9

Well aren't you surprised to see me posting my entry one day after the start of the challenge instead of mere hours before the deadline? I'm trying to prioritize a little better. I'm sure it will be short lived, so don't go getting all impressed on me.

I love being nosy, so the Show Me Thursdays on Sassy Cheryl's Blog are perfect for me. I absolutely adore getting the scoop on what folks are working on and what tools they might have, but that I don't have and might need to get. I get my nosiness from my Mother. She never met a stranger and neither do I. It's one of the benefits of blogging and this particular challenge. Every week I'm getting a little more insight into the regular posters, and we're even exchanging e-mails afterwards.

The last of my DH's nieces and nephews(26 of the including our two) is getting married in March. We all just found out at Christmas. They live in Colorado Springs and are getting married here, which means much of the details are falling to my SIL. No way could I turn her down(after all this is one of my favorite nieces and she grew up right down the road) when she called to ask if I could address the envelopes for the Wedding Invitations and create an invitation for the Rehearsal dinner. With the wedding planned for March 12, the invitations have to be mailed 4 weeks prior to the event(see I know my wedding etiquette) and so will the Rehearsal Dinner invitations. It wouldn't be a problem, except that DH and I are leaving a week from today for Colorado for our annual ski vacation and won't be back until the night of February 6th. That's calling it a bit too close for comfort for me. So instead of my Crafting Area, today you're seeing my office and MOI working on getting the outside envelopes addressed. I had a minor problem to start with on trying to figure out how to make my new office printer print envelopes. Thank goodness as, you can see, I figured it out.

OK, I've rambled enough and by now you're more than bored to tears. Have a wonderful day and do some crafting why don't you.


  1. Shirley, you're so cute!!! Can't wait to see the rehersal dinner invitations. I bet they will be beautiful. ~jeni :)

  2. Hi's nice seeing you there!!! Glad you got your envelopes figured out! =D

  3. I'm right there with you. Don't know any strangers!!!!
    You're a smiley little cutie, aren't you! I see you have your coffee mug w/in arms reach!
    I'm with Jeni, can't wait to see the invites.
    Thanks for sharing your space this week!

  4. Get to work smiley - You have envelopes and invitations to finish if you want to play on the slopes! Ha Ha Have fun in Colorado take pictures so can take a vacation vicariously through you!

  5. what an honor, to be asked to help with invitations...I did my brother's wedding invitations....we are leaving on Thursday for a cruise...can't wait! Have a great time in Colorado