Monday, July 11, 2011

Around About the 4th Shrimp Boil SMT

It's SMT post for the Sassy Cheryl Blog, so I'm going to bore you senseless with lots of pictures and words of what I've got going on.

Well this past week was a busy one for me, but not in the crafting department. Every year my DH's Brother and his wife along with my DH and myself host a Shrimp Boil for family and friends. We call it the Around About the 4th Shrimp Boil as we do it on a Saturday that is around the 4th and depending on when my BIL and SIL can get up from the coast. You guessed it, this year it was on the 9th. I am responsible for invitations(I'm still old fashioned enough that I don't send e-vites and there are just too many to call). I got those made and in the mail about the second week of June. I also buy all the veggies that go in with the shrimp and make the slaw and tea. Of course, none of that can be done much ahead of time. So I'm sharing pictures with you of the Saturday Event.

DH and I started the day off by taking his step-daughter's DH and son kayaking on Tibbee Creek, where our camphouses are. I forgot my new kayaking vest and had to go home to get it(camphouse is just over 3 miles from the house which makes it really convenient when I forget something that I need). The sun was a gorgeous orange as it was rising, but by the time I got my camera to take a picture it had gone behind a cloud. This is a picture of the lily pads that are growing. I've never paddled up close to them before, but they smell wonderful, and I love the way the water just rolls on top of the leaves. This was also the last relaxing moment I had on Saturday.

We waited until about 2:30 to set up the tables and chairs because of the chance of T'storms, although it was the lowest percent chance of rain we'd had all week. We had just gotten everything setup and decorated when in comes the first of two thunderstorms. We quickly put the tables up on the porches and decks and 15 minutes later, the sun came out. We set them up again. It was hot before the first thunderstorm and like a sauna after it moved through. This is a picture of the first set up in the yards.
For the second year, I've set up a table with OWH Any Hero cards asking for our guests to write for their supper. The reason this picture is so bad is because of the sauna like effects after the first thunderstorm. I 'm happy to say that one of my nieces made sure that most of the folks wrote at least one thank you for our servicemen. One of my many SIL's found Miss Liberty in someone's trash after a yard sale and rolled it home. She's a perfect accessory.

Folks milling around over at BIL's, waiting for the food and before the second thunderstorm came through.

This was of course the main course, but we also had a half a hog and grilled sausages along with the usual sides of potatoes, onions, mushrooms and corn on the cob cooked in crab boil, slaw and potato salad. There was also a table full of desserts furnished by our guests(I know how to throw a party and not do ALL the work.)

After the second thunderstorm, we just moved all the card tables up on the porches and ate. Here are pics of everyone enjoying the food and fellowship. The first is the porch at BIL's(usually set up for the older family and friends) and the second is the deck at our camphouse. This is only the second time in about 10 years that it has actually rained. The first time, BIL hadn't built his camphouse and our deck didn't have a roof on it. Needless to say, that DH added a roof to our deck before the next Shrimp Boil.

This event is all about family. I've never known a family like my husband's that is so family oriented. My DH is one of 14 children, 13 of whom are still living and all of whom were present Saturday night, along with a large number of their children and grandchildren. The following pictures are of some of the younger great generation.

This is my niece Carrie, with her son, Coleman(age 10 months). He's the first grandson of BIL hosting the event.
This is great nephew Corbin(age 6 months) enjoying his first Swoope Shrimp Boil. This is the second grandson of BIL hosting the event.

This is our great niece, Mary Ray(age 2 1/2), whose certainly enjoying the chocolate ice cream that her Great Uncle Brother brought for dessert.

The party was a huge success despite the showers. Everyone had a great time. Thanks for stopping by, and hope I haven't bored you to pieces.


  1. NOT A BORE AT ALL! I enjoyed every single word and picture! Looks like you guys had an AMAZING time and oh, what I wouldn't have done to have been there. I'm sure I would've fit right in with my 'pickin' and jabber-jaws!
    Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos. One question and I don't think I read it. Any leftovers?

  2. There were leftovers. At the end of the evening, I brought out the gallon ziplocs and told folks if they wanted any shrimp or pork, to help themselves. There were NO grilled sausage leftover and we grilled 9 lbs.

  3. That is so awesome Shirley!!! You have a lovely Family. ( and really BIG too) Lol ~jeni :)

  4. Wow, looks like a FAB time and great food! The babies are adorable!!

  5. Love, Love, Love Shrimp boils. You have the perfect setup for such a large family. Those babies are precious especially the cutie with the ice cream all over her face. Frame that one!!

  6. Shirley, what a great time you all had! Despite the rain showers, it was obviously a wonderful family event :^)

  7. What a display...your story brought me through the day with you...except to meet the family and taste the food! Your display was great, I have not put on a party since inspire me! Thanks for the comment, you are more then welcome to come visit!

  8. Love youre story telling, it really makes you feel like you're there, great photos too,
    H xx

  9. Shirley - I was just scanning through pictures, I can't believe how big Coleman and Corbin have gotten!! Okay, I should realize this because Johnny is 1 tomorrow but, when you don't see them, it's hard to imagine them growing!!! ADORABLE!