Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Clean and Reorganized SMT 34

Folks that know me well, know that I am one nosey parker, which is why I love playing along with the Sassy Cheryl Show Me Thursday challenge. Heck, I'd do it even if there wasn't a chance of winning a free image, but I'm certainly not turning one down. Miss Sassy Cheryl has been on a creative binge lately, and I really need to win, since there are now 8 new images that I have to have.

At any rate, TM was a disaster earlier in the week. I went out there with every intention of cleaning it up before I created another card. I had a bunch of SC images colored, and well, I got a little sidetracked(but I did get my challenge card done earlier than usual). At any rate, after I finished the card, I decided to start cleaning and in the process started some reorganizing. Yesterday I was a slug, so today it was nose to the grindstone.

At any rate this is what it looked like on Sunday night. One of the first things I did today, was to take the wooden crate on the right side of my workspace and resectionalize it with rectangular partitions for those tools I need at hand when crafting. Some of those items are small and drop down too low inside the crate, so DH built me a small shelf(I've got the Copics case on top of it) and I built some cardboard drawers to slide in under it. I have my Spicas, erasers and some colored images in them. The picture on my table is one of my favorites, and one that my DH hates. It's a picture of MM and DH asleep on the sofa after dinner when MM was a  3 months old. Doesn't MM look just like his Grandpa?

I got all the scrap paper either filed in my scrap box, or done away with in the trash as you can see from the view of my whole side of the table. I took my two storage carts that have my rubber stamps in them out from under my tall table and stacked them at side of my fabric cabinet, and then I put my Cricut on the cart that my friend's DH made and rolled it under the tall table. I have another project for DH to work on soon, but it's a modification to the Cricut cart. You'll have to wait to see whether I can make it happen or not.

So that's it for me this week. Come on and snap a shot of your work space, or what you're doing this week and enter it in the Show Me Challenge over on Sassy Cheryl's Blog. Hey you might win the free
image instead of me(and more than likely will)


  1. Wow, you have been a busy lady Shirley! Your collection of Copic markers has my head spinning! Not a wonder that your images are colored so beautifully. I also spy a large collection of Cricut Cartridges on a shelf. You must share some creations with the Cricut someday. I have one as well, but don't make the time to learn all that it can do for me!!

  2. You have been busy in the studio...good job. I have been Garage Saling and came across 2 more windows...Score!!! I will be BBsitting 3 times a week so my creative time will be shorten but will try to put out as much as possible...keeping in touch...Tootsie

  3. Good Lord girl you have been busy! Tell me quick - are there any Copic colors you don't have? :)

    Have a great week!

  4. I agree. . . .you've been a busy sassette! I can't see it really closely, but that picture of DH and MM is adorable.
    You have certainly been busy coloring too! When do you find time to make DH's biscuits? hee hee.
    So glad you showed your new 'organized' space, but I wish we could've seen the disaster photo. LOL!
    You have a great week.

  5. wow great all those copics

  6. Look at all those beautifully colored Sassy images!! Great job cleaning up TM ~jeni :)

  7. I just can't seem to drag my eyes from those delicious looking copics.....and so many of them!!! now I see the colored images, wowsers!

  8. Wow you have been super busy honey!! :0) And this feels so nice to be finally catching up in blog land too. Hehe.
    And just look at all of those lovely images all coloured in! :0) (A little jealous there I'm missing my Sassy Play Time hun. Smiles.)
    Huge hugs to you.

  9. Wow wow just look aat those copics i wish i could get my hands on those many .Well done hunny you are so organised and tidy, well i want to see how long it takes to get messy lolx

  10. I got the comment box fixed, hope to see you there...hitting the hubby up for some welding on the bike and then to add some embellishments : )

  11. I think it is time you took a road trip and come and cleaned up my area for me LOl. it looks great. How long does it stay that way?