Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A New Look on Show Me Thursday

It's time once again for Show Me Thursday over on Sassy Cheryls Blog. It's just a way to see what folks are working on each week. What I love about it, is that it isn't about showing a card, but really showing what your life is about. I've made new friends and am loving seeing their part of the world, as well as seeing their precious grandchildren.
I actually snapped this picture last Thursday night at the end of an evening rushing to get a challenge card finished and blogged, but that's not what my week's been all about at all. I've cleaned it up since, but it looks just about like that right now. I'm headed out there next to clean up before I start carding again.

As many of you know, I live in the country. Now it's not developed country, but farm and cattle land. Not too far from me is a field that was planted in wheat that was harvested in May. I should also tell you that I grew up in the Mississippi Delta, which used to be the capital of raising cotton.  Our family spent a lot of Sunday afternoon driving through the Delta and looking at crops. I tell you this, so that you know, I can tell if it's cotton, corn or soybeans about the first sign of a leaf when the seeds germinate. Well the wheat field got replanted, and both my DH and I thought it was soybeans. Didn't take us long to realize it wasn't, and although these plants had the appearance of cotton, the leaves were too big. There was much discussion between DH and myself, as well as my walking buddy and myself(we even walked down there one morning for a closer look). Imagine my delight when my DH ran into the guy that farms the field, and said he'd planted it in sunflower seeds for the land owner to bring in the doves in September.

It's been a joy to watch them shoot up and to bloom. It's especially nice when I'm coming back from town, since they're facing the east. I got DH to help take the ladder down there yesterday to take some pictures of the field without the background of the trees or the neighboring house. I then came home and played with Photoshop to create a new banner for my blog. I have to tell you, I love it. It's so ME! Bright, sunny and happy! I had no problem with the banner, but the background has me stumped. For some reason, even the blogger background templates don't post right. I guess I'm stuck with a somewhat solid(you'll notice on the sides that the color starts fading about 2" down) background.

The added benefit is that the property owner's wife called to tell us we could have all we wanted. Personally I just like riding by and seeing that great big field of Happy Faces.


  1. How gorgeous! I could used to tell the plants and as I grew up in the country too, which you already know. Can only tell you the basic now, like corn and beans, since I'm living in the city now.
    Growing up though, I could tell you the difference between the manure that was spread on the fields from the smell. I know, kind of gross. :)
    I'm LOVING this picture and I'm sure in person, it must be a GLORIOUS site.
    Oh. . .and love the TM picture too. :)
    Thanks for sharing these Shirley!

  2. Love Sunflowers! What a sight...to see...you story is touching. I grow up in the country and helped my father with the garden to feed 8 to 10 kids at times. Then it was in the house to help Mom can the goods. Your comment to me...hugs to you. Through the years of challenges, this one is the best to just show...as life happens! Then to have a follower as yourself be there most the time...I call you friend! May our journey begin...

  3. Your header looks sooooo good. Wouldn't have known it was your own photos. Awesome job.