Sunday, July 31, 2011

Show Me Thursday #35

It's that time of the week again. You know what I'm talking about, that time to show what you're working on, so that you can justifiably snoop in the work spaces of others. Sassy Cheryl issues this challenge on her Sassy Cheryl Blog, and all it takes is you taking a snapshot of what you've got going on in your life(it doesn't have to be making cards).  For entering in the challenge, you have a chance of winning a free Sassy Cheryl image. Since I'm a nosey parker, this is a win/win for me.

I've been pretty inactive in Tazmania this past week. However, yesterday I cleaned my house so that crafting would be guilt free. When I was reorganizing last week, I found a stack of images I had colored when I first got my Copics. The coloring isn't the greatest, but the image is adorable, so I decided to turn them into some OWH cards. The image is called Sumpins Wrong and is one of my favorite Mo Manning Digital Pencil designs. I think I fell in love with it since it is so typical of a toddler.  The papers came strictly from my scrap box, which is a good thing. I created the Word Art in Photoshop and you can grab it at the bottom of the page.

Yesterday my niece, her DH and baby Coleman came by, and I drug the child's rocker out of the corner of the room. He entertained us for a half hour, rocking his body back and forth trying to make the chair rock(he was smart enough to know what it was supposed to be doing). It's a very old chair and the arms are loose and the is worn and torn. Today, I took all the fabric off and re-glued the arms. Now I have to get some fabric(hoping my neighbor has some leftovers from her recent upholstering projects) to remake the seat cushion and back pad.

Did you notice that I also have TM looking pretty neat in terms of my work space? I'm all set to work on the next project.
Here's the Word Art. If you grab it, I would appreciate an acknowledgement with a simple thanks.


  1. Shirley love the cards on your clean table.remember my friend theres no Quilt when it comes to cleaning.LOL!!!Love the old rocking chair also

  2. Shirley those cards are adorable. I too love that image. You must show this Nosey Rosey your finished picture of the rocking chair.

  3. You have been busy with card...magga production! I love that you are doing something different...I dont feel alone. I am going to look forward to the finishing chair. I finished the bedroom window, I posted it to the post I started it with, come take a look. Your having fun now...Tootsie

  4. You've come a LONG way baby! Love that you showcased some of your earlier cards. They're still gorgeous! And I'm with the ladies. You need to show your rocking chair when it's completed! Would LOVE to see that!
    Thanks for showing your 'stuff' this week.