Friday, July 15, 2011

Taking Lemons and Making Lemonade

Yesterday, my 4 1/2 year old grandson,Alex, aka MonkeyMoo, aka MM made his first appearance in the emergency room. He either fell or was pushed at school(stories vary depending on whom was interviewed -he says he tripped over his feet) into the corner of a cabinet and gashed his head wide open. Well 7 stitches later and getting to go home early from daycare, we Skyped with him last night, to find that he was in high spirits.

He was excited about having a third eyebrow until he discovered that the cut was vertical and not horizontal. As my daughter said his imagination was not harmed in any way. He decided that he had the look of a pirate, so he quickly donned his Uncle Sam beard, his pirate hat and grabbed his sword, closed one eye, made a fist to make it look like he had a stub for an arm and posed for this picture.

A group of us were talking about daredevil and fearless children. One of them, Anna says that her youngest son was so fearless his doctor thought he might be the Rep for the company No Fear and that she had bought him a T-shirt that said I Do All My Own Stunts. Those were too such great sentiments, I had to make them into Word Art. I can think of several images they'll work with too. I thought I'd share them with you.


  1. Thanks! Glad to see MM doing well with his stitches.

  2. Shirley thanks hunny I love
    word art you are so kind bless
    you xx

  3. Oh poor MonkeyMoo! Well he will be definitely be the star of school. Tomorrow!