Tuesday, September 20, 2011

SMT #42 and Weekend Get Together

It's time for a nosey in everyones life over on the Sassy Cheryl Blog. Just for posting a pic or two of what's going on in your life, you have a chance at a Sassy Cheryl image of your choice. Now how can you go wrong.

In 2008, my High School class celebrated our 40th High School Reunion. It was a lot of hard work, but soooo worth it. The weekend of our Reunion also coincided with the 300 Oaks Race. A group of us decided we'd show we were still in pretty good shape by participating in the 5K Walk portion of the race. We had so much fun that we have had a mini-reunion each year since on Race weekend. This past weekend was the weekend for out get together and for our 4th consecutive participation in the race.

Since I pretty much put myself in charge, my DH stays home and lets me do my own thing, without having to worry about him. Before I left on Friday, I made him a big pan of biscuits.

For those that came in Friday night we met for dinner. This is a picture of the group that was there. I think we all look pretty good for 60 and 61.

There were 7 of us on a team for the 5K walk, 5 were classmates and 2 were either spouses or dates. Our team came in 3rd overall which was pretty remarkable. The two of other females in my class that participated took second and third place for our age group, one of the guys came in 2nd, one girlfriend came in 3rd, one guy won his age group in the 5K Run, and I finished a respectable 4th. I only got beat in time by two 65-69 year olds and one 75 year old (racers older than me).  This last picture is a picture of me crossing the finish line, looking a little the worse for wear. Considering that this was only the third time I'd walked this distance in 6 weeks with a month off of no walking, I think I did pretty well.

The group met for lunch at a favorite restaurant and then met at a classmates house Saturday night for a Barbecue(catered) and just visiting. It was a fabulous weekend.

It's not too late to post what you have going on in your space or life. You have until Thursday at 5 p.m. EST to make it. 


  1. OH, this looks like SO much fun and I'm thrilled that you posted the photo of you crossing the finish line. AMAZING! And you did a fabulous job considering you did take some time off.
    Oh. . . .and my mouth is watering from those biscuits!!!!!! YUMMMMMYYYYY! I SO want some of those.
    Thanks for sharing your photos. You're amazing!!!

  2. 48 biscuits . . .were they al for your husband, that's a lot! Can you sent me some of the biscuits . . haha, or do you have a recipe for me . . they taste good, I think . .

    groeten van Jolanda